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Las Dominicanas Personal Tours & Introductions

Individual Introductions
This service will get you started with the lady. Once you pay your deposit, send us a list of the ladies you would like to meet and when you are going to be here. We will talk with the ladies and setup the appointment. At your intro there will be a translator available to help make that first meeting go smoother. If for some reason the lady is no longer available or is out of town, then we can either refund your deposit or you can give us another lady for us to introduce you to.

10 pack intro
This intro is a bit different in that it will take place over a 2 day period. The first day we will take you to the meeting place, where it will be you, your translator and 5 girls. Take the time to ask the questions and get to know the ladies. If there is a lady that interests you, then ask her out to a restaurant or movie to see if there is a spark to the relationship. For day 2 we start all over again with a second batch of 5 girls. This way you will meet 10 girls in 2 afternoons and be able to save $100 over the individual rate. Start today by paying your deposit and then sending us a list of 15-20 girls in the order that you would like to meet them. We will order down your list setting up the meeting. The extra ladies are to help account for work schedules, out of town ladies, or other obstacles that might keep one from attending.

15 pack intro
This is that same as the 10 pack but with 3 differences, you meet 15 girls instead of 10. You save $300 off the individual cost, and it takes place over a 3 day period. The process is the same, once you pay your deposit and send us your list we will start working for you.
How much time do you need here?

We would recommend a person might want to consider spending a few days after the intros to start knowing the ladies. For example, if one attended either a 10 pack or a 15 pack, there might be 3-4 ladies that really peeked your interest. If you were to leave right away or the next day, you would not have the time to start knowing the ladies. Unless you plan on returning in a very short time, then some of that initial spark might be gone, she might meet another gentleman looking for wife. So try to stick around a couple days and work with the ladies that you feel are potential wives and see where the relationship leads.

Can I go and meet a few ladies and then try talking to them over the phone until my next visit?
This question would seem to be a logical one. However we have noticed that the ladies feel different in this manner. For example we have seen guys come down, meet several ladies, narrow it down to 2 or 3 and then return home. Their plan was to talk to them on the phone and come back and spend time with each one to narrow it down to the final one. Most times this backfires on the guys. Even though they understand that a guy will come down and meet several girls, it changes if they are talking on the phone and waiting for your return. I cannot explain the dynamics or their thinking, but we have seen it many times to know that it exists.

How do I pay?
The deposits can be paid here on-line using one of our secured credit processors or through paypal. The remaining amount must be paid in cash as we cannot accept credit cards or money orders in the Dominican Republic. Please keep in mind that many ATMs here will limit your daily withdrawals.
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