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A little bit about the Dominican Republic
Wow where should we start!?
Simply put, the Dominican Republic is "a must see caribbean destination", on an island also known as Hispaniola, sharing a nice size land mass in the caribbean with their neighboring country, Haiti. Where as some counties have diamonds and gold as their natural resource, in our opinion, the Dominican Republic's natural resource is it's beautiful women. Ask anyone that has been and they will tell you that this is no exageration!

The capital of the island is Santo Domingo which is on the south side of the island. Santiago is the second largest city in the Dominican Republic but there are many other nice sized populations of people in many other cities on the island. The island is actually quite large and would take a few trips to explore all of the different cities.

The population on the island is hovering right around 10 Million people and the Dominican Republic has the second largest economy in the caribbean yet the locals struggle with some issues with government corruption and in many places, problems with electricity outages. Despite the poor living conditions of many of the country's inhabitants, Dominican people are known for being some of the nicest and most hospitible people on the planet.

Many guys visiting the country for the first time fall in love with a woman because most women exhibit the great qualities of the Dominican culture when it comes to taking care of a man. Women are general quite friendly unless they feel intimidated or insulted.

The temperature is usually great, especially in the interior of the country, averaging 78 degrees farenheight (26 degrees celcius). There are plenty of great beaches and lots of things to do all over the island. Dominicans love to party and dance mostly to Merengue, Salsa and Reggaeton.

Tourist areas
The Dominican Republic has many tourist areas that serve millions of tourist every year. Punta Cana has some of the prettiest beaches around. One of the pluses for the Dominican Republic is its close location to the US, less than 2 hours from Miami and less than 4 from NYC. We are not experts on the tourist business here and will in all likely hood forget to mention an area or resort. Since this is more of an overview and not a review there is nothing to read into an omission.

There are several areas that have resort type complexes. La Romana and Casa de Campo are well known for the world leaders that have stayed there. Places like Punta Cana, Bravero, La Romana, Juan Dolio, and Puerto Plata seem to have more families, while it seems that more singles tend to go to places like Sosua on the North Coast and Boca Chica on the south coast. The capital Santo Domingo has much to offer but no public beaches. The coast line of the city is rocky and normally has strong surfs that could throw a person into those rocks. Many tourist visit the capital as it is the first permanent settlement in the new world started in 1493. There is a lot of history from the first cathedral built in the new world to zona colonial dating back to Chris Columbus and his brother.

The island is full of rivers, falls and nature reserves for the person that wants to get into nature. One of the things a person might want to conceder before booking the trip, what are they looking for. Hate to be sitting in Santiago, up in the mountains if looking for a beach type vacation, possible day trips but hard to walk from the hotel to the beach first thing in the morning! One thing to keep in mind, as in any of the tourist spot that I have visited around the world, one must keep his wits and keep in mind the buyer beware motto.
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