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Beware of Scams involving HBCUConnect.com
Donation Donaters Beware!

If you have been personally approached by individuals asking for donations or to help students go on a school tour, we wanted to let you know that it is a SCAM! These individuals tend to hang out in front of stores and malls asking for some sort of donation or help using a form that has our name on it. It is fake and we advise anyone who believe that they were/are a target of fraud to contact the nearest authorities to handle the situation. We are not affiliated with these individuals and we currently do not hang around places of business to solicit donations.

The scam as of late has been witnessed in the states of Michigan and Wisconsin, but it can happen in any state so please be aware of these scammers. If you have an additional questions regarding this, please contact us using our Contact Us Form Here.

HBCUConnect.com Staff

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