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4 tips to prepare for the skills interview (1248 hits)

You’ve completed the screening interview. You're one step closer to getting the job.

Are you prepared for what's next?

For many roles, the next step in the interview process is a skills interview—a time to discuss your knowledge and expertise—a critical part of the recruitment process. It gives the interviewer an opportunity to learn if you have the experience needed for the role.

It also helps you learn if the job is a right fit for you too.

4 skills-interview tips
  1. Know your audience
    The first stage of interview prep is research. When researching, seek out information that helps you determine how you can best appeal to the company, role and interviewer.

    Review CEO interviews, press releases and company news to help you articulate how you would add value to the company. Highlight the qualities and experience you will bring to drive success in the role. And lastly, don’t overlook the importance of learning something about your interviewer—it can help you make an instant connection.
  2. Consider your body language
    Your body language can say a lot about you before you even begin to speak. Not only can it contribute to first impressions about your professionalism and confidence, it also can help optimize your brain in a challenging situation.

    Create an open posture by keeping your arms uncrossed. Avoid fidgeting, swaying in your seat or touching your face. Be mindful of your body language and put your best foot forward.
  3. Perfect your pitch
    One question you can absolutely count on being asked during an interview is “Tell me about yourself.” This is your time to shine by perfecting your personal elevator pitch.

    Keep your answer brief by following the “Present, Past and Future” format.
    • Present: What are you doing now? Start by explaining your current title, role and primary contributions in two or three sentences.
    • Past: How did you get here? Focus on three or four accomplishments that make you stand out for the role. Use quantifiable achievements where possible.
    • Future: Why do you want the job? Share one or two examples about why you believe you are the best candidate for the job. This provides a visualization of you in the role.

  4. Navigate the compensation conversation
    It’s best to let the interviewer bring up the topic of compensation and lead the conversation around it.
    If you’re asked for compensation expectations during an interview, discuss a wide range that you’d consider taking. Or you can turn the question back to the interviewer by asking “What have you allocated for the right candidate?” Remember that negotiations usually begin when you have an offer in hand.

A skills interview is often the deciding factor for both you and the interviewer. If you’re confident that the role is the right one for you, a little preparation goes a long way to ensure the interviewer knows it, too!

SOURCE Accenture
Posted By: Sofía Montiel
Tuesday, May 23rd 2023 at 1:45PM
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